Overhead garage storage rack in white

An Overhead Storage Rack is a large, high-weight capacity, storage platform that is primarily supported from the ceiling joists.

Ceiling racks are best used in homes with high garage ceilings that can allow the racks to be placed over garage doors (most popular), or suspended in the open areas of the garage – high along walls or above vehicles. Many of our projects use these in tandem with our Monkey Bars Shelving or our garage cabinetry Overhead racks are great for larger items that you don’t need access on a frequent basis.

Ceiling Mount or Wall Mount Options

Strong Racks is the highest weight capacity, and safest rack design on the market.Ceiling racks close up

Strong Racks cannot only be mounted from the ceiling, but wall mounted from one side for added weight capacity from 750 (ceiling) – 1000 (wall) pounds on an 8′ rack.

Endless Platforms & Size Availability

Unlike other ceiling storage racks on the market, the Strong Racks products can be joined together seamlessly to create a virtually endless platform that can span your entire garage. Other manufacturer’s racks can be placed in tandem, but they will have an obstruction usually every 4′-8′ that will make it more difficult to fit items, and will not have the clean look of the Strong Racks System.

Strong Racks is available from AAA Garage Solutions in 3′, and 4′ depths. In lengths from 4′ to whatever is required in length. It is tailored to your garage.

A Better Overhead Storage Rack by Design – Construction

Exclusive Features

16 Connection Mounting to Ceiling Joists, 
Two Joist Mounting per Leg, 
Tubular Steel Legs vs. L Channel
Wall Mounting Option
2″, Safety Lip around Perimeter, 
Bolted Down Grids for Safety, 
Powder Coated Steel – Two Finishes, 
Thickest Steel Rack on the Market

Available Finishes

Strong Racks is available in two finishes, white and smoked chrome.

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